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With direct one-on-one coaching, Kimberly will help you take away the overwhelming pile of pieces and help you to focus on assembling smaller sections of the puzzle.

Putting the Pieces Together

Life can be a puzzle, and just like with any other puzzle, trying to put all of the pieces together isn’t always easy. We’ll often find ourselves asking “Does this fit with the rest of the picture?”, “Do I have all of the pieces?”, and even just “Where do I start?” Now imagine trying to put that puzzle together without a picture to guide you.

Well, that’s exactly what you’re dealing with in life, an unseen puzzle that needs to be solved in order for you to reach your goals and aspirations. However, that seemingly massive pile of pieces is overwhelming and it no matter how many pieces you put into place it seems like there are always more in the box. So, what do you do?

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Envision You: Own Your Purpose


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